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Sunday, March 10, 2013

New "book" on ecological restoration in Wisconsin

Ecologist Mark Leach has recently published an interesting "book" on ecological restoration in Wisconsin. The word "book" is in parentheses because it is only available as a PDF on a CD. (Full disclosure: One of the chapters is on the work that Kathie and I have done on restoration at Pleasant Valley Conservancy.)

The title is "Positive Participation with Nature: Ecological Restoration in Wisconsin." The chapter titles are:
1. Introduction to Ecological Restoration
2. Pleasant Valley Conservancy: Restoring a lost landscape
3. Manoomin: Restoring the abundance of wild rice
4. Bad River Watershed Association's Culvert Program
5. Partners think big: Lower Chippewa River Valley
6. The Prairie Enthusiasts: Empowering grassroots conservation

There are 12 interesting videos scattered throughout the book, as well as lots of photos and drawings.

The "Positive" in the title reflects the concept that restoration work provides people with the opportunity to do what they like to do, which is participate positively with nature.

At the moment this book is only available online from Economo-e Books on CD at $17 a copy. Here is the link

I was able to copy the book from the CD to iTunes on my desktop computer and then transfer it to my iPad2. Everything transferred except the videos, which I believe require Flash, and Apple does not allow Flash on their iOS devices. Otherwise it worked well on the iPad, making it easy to read, pan, or turn a page.

There have been several recent textbooks on ecological restoration, but Mark's book is unique, providing a real practical approach to the subject.


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