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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trillium recurvatum

Trillium recurvatum, a Special Concern species in Wisconsin, is now flowering in our front-yard perennial garden. (Photo by Kathie) We did not plant it, and have no idea how it got there. We also have some plants, not yet in flower, in the backyard. There is a good population of this species about a mile away from our house in Big Woods, one of the UW-Madison Lakeshore Preserve units, so it may have come from there, but not likely via us.

Interesting how plants, even rare ones, get around!

According to the Wisconsin State Herbarium web site, this plant is mostly confined to the southern tier of counties, and there is no collection for Dane County, where we live. Its main habitat in the state is southern Wisconsin upland forest (per Curtis).

We have never seen this species at Pleasant Valley Conservancy, where we have a big population of large-flowered Trillium (which should be in full bloom next weekend).


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