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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Early flowers (is it already May 1?)

It's not really news that spring is late this year. According to Wisconsin Ag reports, farmers have barely been able to get into their fields, whereas last year at this time, 20% of the fields had been planted.

I've been doing phenology for the past ten years and just reviewed my list. By this date in past years wood anemone, wild columbine, fringed puccoon, Jacob's ladder, and prairie violet would all be in flower. In some years, golden Alexanders would be in flower. Haven't seen any of these yet.

A brief survey today brought out only the following: Bloodroot (been out for a week or so); pussy toes; dooryard violet; early meadow rue; bird's foot violet (photo below); marsh marigold (photo above); and of course early buttercup, which has been up for almost two weeks. (Both photos by Kathie)

Well established plants with flower buds: Golden Alexander; large yellow lady slippers; shooting star; Jacob's ladder.

A brief survey indicates that this is going to be a great year for shooting star at Pleasant Valley Conservancy. Lots of savanna areas with remnant populations, and quite a few areas where we planted seeds 5-10 years ago are now finally producing good plants. This species takes quite a while to get established from seed.

Let's hope May will be better than April. (At least we got all our burns done!)


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