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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Archive of North American Prairie Conferences etc

Many people may not be aware that the UW-Madison Digital Collections has made a great contribution to prairie restoration by making available in digital form ALL of the North American Prairie Conference proceedings. This extremely valuable archive is available free of charge (no faculty or student ID is needed) and can be completely searched.

In addition, many of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources research publications that are now out of print are also available through this collection. Also, unpublished materials from the UW Arboretum are available, plus many other items.

Here is the main link to the UW Digital Collections.

Once the opening page is reached, go to Collections. A lengthy list of items is given. You can Browse the whole collection, but to reach the ecological material, click on the letter E and then select the Ecology and Natural Resources collection. This opens up another lengthy list of items.

The North American Prairie conferences are listed under "Proceedings". The Wisconsin DNR publications are accessed under "Research Report" or "Technical Bulletin".

However, if you want to search through multiple publications, click on "Search the full text". A search screen opens up and you can type keywords into a box. For instance, when I used the term "sweet clover" (in quotes) as my key word, 235 entries came up, including several from various North American Prairie Conferences. What a resource!

Note that you do not need to access the Digital Collections via the UW-Madison library web site, even though this library system hosts the collection.

Give it a try.


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