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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Interns and work crew

We have now moved into summer work mode. The photo shows our new group of summer interns together with our "regulars". The only person missing in the photo is Kathie, who was behind the camera.

This is the seventh year we have had summer interns. For the past three years we have been part of a group called the Prairie Partners, administered by Madison Audubon, which this year also includes the Prairie Enthusiasts, Pheasant Branch Conservancy, the UW-Madison Lakeshore Preserve, and Goose Pond Sanctuary. The interns rotate through the five sites, and are at Pleasant Valley Conservancy on Tuesdays.

We really enjoy having the interns, and they always accomplish lots for us. This summer, as always, they will be concentrating on invasive weed control, which for us means primarily sweet clover.

In addition to their work at Pleasant Valley Conservancy, they will also be working at Black Earth Rettenmund Prairie, another State Natural Area that Kathie and I manage for the Prairie Enthusiasts. The intern work at both sites is funded by our Savanna Oak Foundation, Inc.


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