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Friday, January 31, 2020

Getting ready for dormant season (spring) burns

The end of January is when we start planning our spring burns. Lately, we have been burning earlier than we used to. (Sometimes even late February). We need WiscDNR permits and I am helping Amanda get the applications ready. (I'm doing the map with ArcMap 10.)

Those who follow our work will be interested to know that for the first time in many years we are not burning the south-facing slope prairies and savannas at Pleasant Valley Conservancy. Why? To permit better brush control. By skipping a year, we are giving the small brush (mostly from resprouts) a chance to grow larger so it's easier to find. Often the woody invasives (e.g. honeysuckle, buckthorn, sumac) are really small (knee-high or less) and hard to find within our lush tall-grass prairie.

The map shows the six large burns that we are planning for spring 2020.

We are also burning the Saddle and South Unit at Black Earth Rettenmund Prairie and will be getting a permit for that as well (map drawn in Corel Draw X7).


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