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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Volume II of the history of restoration at Pleasant Valley Conservancy

We've had quite a few favorable comments about the history of Pleasant Valley Conservancy that Kathie and I have been preparing. Volume I has been available for several months. If you missed it, here's a link to the previous blog post which has a download link.

Volume II is now available without charge for download at this link. 

Volume II has more text than Volume I but the file size is smaller  (22.3 MB) because I discovered that photo resolution can be reduced more (than Volume I) without hurting the image too much. (This assumes you are reading the book on a screen. Don't try to print from this PDF!)

The second volume of the history of PVC restoration is organized chronologically from 2001 through 2008. The year 2008 seemed a good year to end, as this was the year we celebrated becoming a dedicated State Natural Area.

Some of the features of the book:

  • Hyperlinked table of contents including all #1 heads
  • #1 heads bookmarked
  • Text completely searchable and accessible by voice readers
  • Downloadable to an iPad or other reader and conversion to an iBook
  • (These features also available in Volume I.)
Some of the content items:
  • Cost analysis of restoration work
  • Creating a budget for a contractor
  • Bluff (South Slope) prairie burns: procedures and problems
  • Oak savanna burns: procedures and problems
  • See how our burns get better as the years go by!
  • Major (140 acres) Fish & Wildlife Service wetland burn at PVC
  • First case of chronic wasting disease
  • First breeding bird survey
  • Preparation of detailed species list using Excel
  • Floristic Quality Index of  PVC
  • First PVC website
  • Summer interns
  • Winter interns
  • Field trips
    • Natural Areas Association
    • North American Prairie Conference
    • Landowner group
    • Labor Day trip
    • McHenry County Conservation District
    • University classes
  • East Basin restoration (heavy brush clearing project)
  • Dedication of PVC as a State Natural Area
    • Ceremony, field trips, and party: June 7, 2008
  • Seeds and planting 
  • Lots more!


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