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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Annual Labor Day field trip at Pleasant Valley Conservancy

Kathie and I have been running the Labor Day trip at PVC annually since September 2002 (17 years). If the weather is good, attendance is fairly high, generally 25-40 participants.

Update! Just added Arlene Koziol's You Tube video of the field trip. Click on link

Last year the weather was unbelievably foul and only 2 people showed up, the 2nd about 45 minutes late. (Yes, the weather in southern Wisconsin can really be that bad!)

As the years have gone by, my participation in this trip has been a challenge. Since I turned 85, Kathie has done the walking and I have used our Kawasacki Mule to cover the course. I  stay in front and stop at key sites to lead the discussion.

Group for the 2019 Labor Day field trip. Photo by Arlene Koziol


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