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Friday, January 12, 2018

How things have changed! Photos from the North American Prairie Conference field trip of August 12, 2004

Almost 14 years ago Kathie and I led a field trip to Pleasant Valley Conservancy for the North American Prairie Conference that was held at UW-Madison. Photographer Dennis Connor was there, snapping pictures with his film Nikon. (It's necessary to use "film" as an adjective these days.)

After the trip, Denny gave me a fat envelope full of prints, which I dutifully filed.

I am now working on the restoration work done at PVC in 2004, and was delighted to find all these photos still intact. Although we thought PVC looked pretty good in 2004, I am surprised at how brushy it looks in these photos. 

There are other changes, also. For instance, that large bur oak that is hanging  over the trail came down about 10 years ago. And we no longer use the South Fire Break, since we have larger burn units these days. And lots of those savanna grasses that the group is admiring have been replaced in most open areas with warm-season grasses. (And Kathie and I look a "little" different also.)

Kathie is standing at the north edge of the Pocket Prairie, with the White Oak Savanna in the background

This is the Side Road separating Unit 10 from 11A. It was a sad day when the big bur oak came down 10 years ago.

The group is on the South Fire Break. Unit 8 , with its venerable bur oaks, is on the right.

Elymus riparius


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