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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another way to eradicate Canada goldenrod

I have posted on Canada goldenrod eradication in the past.  My method was a leaf spritz with a low-volume high-concentration of Garlon 4 herbicide diluted in bark oil. [One part Garlon 4 and four parts bark oil.] A few leaves in the upper part of the plant are given a quick spray. This works well, but has the disadvantage that a small amount of herbicide mist might fall on "good" nearby plants.

Two-inch wide foam paint stick
Kathie has developed a modified procedure that permits better control of the herbicide. She uses a foam paint stick soaked with herbicide. Instead of spraying the leaves, she makes a gentle 6 to 10 inch "swipe" up the stem somewhere about waist high. To be certain that no stems are missed, she bends over the top of each stem as it is treated. She carries a small spray bottle to reload the foam from time to time.

The foam sticks are available at any hardware or paint store, in various sizes. A two-inch stick is ideal for this work.\

A Canada goldenrod clone treated about two weeks earlier. The kill rate is about 99%.
Note that there is no peripheral kill on nearby
Desmodium glutinosum plants.
The ideal time to treat Canada goldenrod is from early August through early September, when the plants are in flower. At that time, the plants are large enough to find easily, no stooping is involved, and there is still time enough to return and treat any plants that were missed.

Multi-year studies with the leaf spritz method showed that it was possible to completely eradicate a clone. We anticipate the present modification will be equally effective.


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