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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pleasant Valley Conservancy: Updated trail map and new wetland access

I have made several improvements to the Pleasant Valley Conservancy Trail Map.
The link here gives access and a low-resolution version is shown below. Also, the web site has access to a high-resolution version that can be downloaded.

Among other improvements, the base map air photo is the latest available (from 2013), and has been enhanced to make the savanna areas stand out.

This link leads to last year's Blog Post where I present information on the 2013 base photo.

To use this map in your tablet:

For those with iPads, the high-resolution PDF can be downloaded and saved in a form accessible in Adobe Reader. The advantage is that you don't need to have Internet access to see the map in the iPad.
(Presumably, a tablet running Android would also work.)

Go to the App Store (or Google Play for Androids) and search for Adobe Reader. Download this app and check to be sure it works.

Go to your browser (I use Chrome) and open the page in the Pleasant Valley Conservancy web site which has the trail map. Tap on the link to download the PDF version. The map should come up in your browser. Tap the lower right hand corner and select the option to open the map in Adobe Reader. (Ignore the other options.) The map should now be full screen in Reader and a double-tap should open up an even larger version, which you can move around with your finger.

You now have a high-resolution map that you can carry with you on your hike. This map will stay permanently in your tablet.


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