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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oak savanna fire photos

Last October (2013) the Pleasant Valley Conservancy crew led a field trip through our savannas and prairies for the Society of Ecological Restoration, which was holding a World Conference at Monona Terrace Convention Center. Since many of the participants were from overseas and hence not familiar with Midwest oak savannas, I prepared a photo brochure as a handout. I also wanted to have this brochure accessible through our web sites, but due to the high-resolution photos the file size was much too large.

I have now found time to resize all the photos and prepare a new version suitable for download as a PDF (link below).

Oak savanna burn photos for the web

This brochure is only 11 pages long, but the photos are pretty good, and each one has a fairly detailed caption. Oak savanna and oak woodlands burns are a lot different from prairie burns, as will be evident when looking at the brochure. We've been doing these burns for more than 15 years and have been able to profit from our mistakes.

A lot more detail on savanna burns can be found at this link.


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