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Friday, July 12, 2013

Prairie forbs in full color

The consistent rains have been a boon to prairie plants and the fields are the most colorful they have been in many years. I made a list yesterday of species that are in full bloom at Pleasant Valley Conservancy right now.

Asclepas purpurascens: Purple milkweed
Asclepias tuberosa: Butterfly milkweed
Ceanothus americanus: New Jersey tea
Coreopsis palmata: Coreopsis
Desmodium canadense: Showy (Canada) trefoil
Desmodium glutinosum: Tick trefoil
Desmodium illinoiense: Illinois trefoil
Echinacea pallida: Pale purple coneflower
Euphorbia corollata: Flowering spurge
Heliopsis helianthoides: Ox-eye sunflower
Liatris pychnostachya: Gayfeather (in bud)
Monarda fistulosa: Bergamot
Napaea dioica: Glade mallow
Ratibida pinnata: Yellow coneflower
Rudbeckia hirta: Black-eyed Susan
Silphium integrifolium: Rosin weed
Silphium lacinatum: Compass plant
Silphium perfoliatum: Cup plant (just starting)
Silphium terebinthenaceum: Prairie dock (mostly in bud)
Verbena stricta: Hoary vervain

Veronicastrum virginianum: Culver’s root (in bud)

Illinois trefoil

Hoary vervain

Ox-eye sunflower


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