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Monday, May 13, 2013

Workers' bird count May 2013 and other bird matters

While they plant seeds and spray weeds, Susan and coworkers have been keeping track of bird species seen or heard. The list at end of this post has 55 species. Since this year more time has been spent than usual in the wetland, there are probably more wetland birds than in previous surveys.

In addition to those on the list, confirmed sightings by Kathie and others include scarlet tanager and Cape May warbler. Also, most of the nest boxes in Kathie's bluebird trail have been occupied with bluebirds, many with 5 eggs.

Roma will be doing another breeding bird survey before the end of the month.

Another interesting bird matter. Brand Smith of Madison Audubon has developed a special system that permits examination of nest boxes in situ. He visited Pleasant Valley Conservancy the other day and applied this camera to our two kestrel boxes. Although we had not seen any activity about these boxes, both of them had eggs and were obviously being used! (Photo by Amanda)

I don't know the details of the apparatus but assume it is some sort of mini inspection system.

Updated 5/21/2013

baltimore oriole
belted kingfisher
black billed cuckoo
black capped chickadee
black throated green warbler
blue gray gnatcatcher
blue jay
canada goose
chipping sparrow
common yellowthroat
coopers hawk
downy woodpecker
eastern kingbird
eastern meadowlark
eastern towhee
field sparrow
great egret
hairy woodpecker
hooded merganser
indigo bunting
mourning dove
orchard oriole
pileated woodpecker
red bellied woodpecker
red headed woodpecker
redtail hawk
redwing blackbird
rose breasted grosbeak
sandhill crane
sandpiper (sp?)
scarlet tanager
song sparrow
sora rail
swamp sparrow
tree swallow
tufted titmouse
turkey vulture
virginia rail
white breasted nuthatch
wild turkey
wood thrush
yellow bellied sapsucker
yellow throated vireo (blue hd?)
yellow warbler


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