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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ice and snow

This is a photo Amanda took Wednesday when she was getting ready to start work. Quite a bit different weather from what we had in Madison (where there was just a light snow).

This is a view of the south-facing slope (Unit 6), looking up toward the Rocky Overlook. I love to see the tallgrass prairie weighted down with ice crystals!

Amanda is also reporting seeing eagles every day: "I did get to see 3 eagles today! One soared over me as I was getting out of my car this morning and then looped back and forth over the valley. The other two were in a pair and soared over the cabin before landing on the other side of the valley."

We rarely see eagles in warmer weather, but since we are about ten miles from the Wisconsin River, it is probably not surprising that we are seeing them now.

Every year is different. Last year at this time we had almost a foot of snow!


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