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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New edition: Fire effects: Bur oak

The fire effects series by the U.S. Forest Service is very useful for those carrying out prescribed burns. An updated edition (2011) of the site on Quercus macrocarpa (bur oak) has just appeared, written by Corey L. Gucker.

I was pleased to have contributed the introductory photo used in this site.

Here is the link:

The bur oak is the most widely distributed of the North American oaks, but its abundance has decreased dramatically since European settlement. Hence, conservation and restoration of bur oak has become a management priority throughout its historic range. Bur oak savannas in the Midwest and Great Plains were considered ideal sites for European settlers. Agricultural and urban development, and fire exclusion, were the principal factors in the loss of bur oaks.

However, because of its adaptability, restoration of bur oak can be readily carried out.

The Fire Effects review provides an excellent overview of the ecology and silviculture of bur oak.



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