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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Working in the snow?

In some ways we have been happy with the snow, as it gives us a bit of respite from work. But one problem we had forgotten to deal with was our frozen barn. Not good, as there were several Solo backpack sprayers that had water instead of bark oil. Since we had been basal barking shrubs this late fall, most of our Solo's had oil, which does not freeze.

In the photo, it almost looks as if Kathie is spraying the snow, but she's just carrying one of the Solos to the car.

I always enjoy a sunny day at Pleasant Valley Conservancy, as you get an idea of what the animal life is like in the winter. Lots of tracks, although I was surprised how few deer tracks we saw.

Who knows when we'll be able to start brush work again? The past four years have been real snow years. It is hard to realize that in the early 2000s we generally were able to do basal bark work all winter.


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