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Monday, September 20, 2010

Visit from Vassar Club of Wisconsin

Sunday we had a nice visit from members of the Vassar Club of Wisconsin (Kathie is Vassar '60). This was an interesting group, since there was a wide distribution of ages. Also, although Vassar was traditionally known as a women's college, it has been coeducational (and successfully so) since the mid 1970s. Thus the group (including spouses) had a significant male contingent.

The whole program was organized by Martha Frey (Vassar '82), who is Membership Director of the Natural Heritage Land Trust, a Dane County organization that is a leader in natural area protection in our area.

These were intrepid hikers, and they did the long loop, including a finish across the diagonal trail that crosses the middle of the south-facing slope.

A significant number of the participants were knowledgeable about prairie restoration, either from their own properties, or from friends or colleagues.

After the hike, the whole group had lunch (Sunday dinner, really) at Luckenbooth's Cafe in Black Earth.

In all, a great day!


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