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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seed collecting

Although we are still pulling a few sweet clover plants, it is time to start thinking about seed collecting. Of course, we have been collecting seeds of "early" species since the 4th of July or earlier, but the major seed collecting push is still down the road.

The season seems to be advanced almost two weeks from previous years (global warming?), so the seed collecting dates given in on our web site must be questioned. I'd start thinking about checking species shown in early September now (if not last week!). We have already collected Zizia aurea, and have started on Elymus hystrix, Bromus kalmii, and the other savanna grasses. All the early September species such as Illinois trefoil, side oats grama, prairie cinquefoil, white baptisia, etc., should be checked now, and collected if ready.

We don't have any major plantings scheduled for this year, but we do have need for a lot of seed to plant in all the woodland sunflower and sumac areas that we eradicated this summer. These are mostly savanna areas where a good open-savanna mix would be best. Since these areas have been marked with semi-permanent stakes, we'll be able to find them at planting time in November.


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