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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nice small prairie in Madison

Today, coming home from a prairie trip, Kathie and I stopped to look at the prairie installation at the place where the Madison Southwest Bike Path crosses Odana Road. This prairie is an outstanding small prairie, and must be a joy to bikers travelling through the area. The diversity is high, and it is completely weed-free.

I know that the folks involved in installing this prairie are active members of The Wild Ones, an organization that promotes the establishment of native plant communities around homes and businesses, using ecologically sound practices. The Wild Ones also promotes biodiversity and has a strong educational component. This organization was established in 1977, and starting from a small base of seven members now has thousands of members in 27 chapters serving 12 states. There is a Madison chapter, as well as chapters in other parts of Wisconsin.

I love the sign in the above photo.


Blogger Sue said...

How very nice to have someone recognize the beauty of this little gem of a prairie. It certainly is the result of much labor and, as I work there, almost everyone who rides by thanks me for the delight it brings into their day.

It was established when the bike path was paved and has been there since 2001. Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Assn. supports this area of the Southwest Bike Path and the prairie. And it is true, since I am a member of Wild Ones I try to be true to the values of promoting biodiversity using native plants to help the environment's flora and fauna.
Sue Reindollar.

September 28, 2008 at 6:41 PM  

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