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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Parsnip predators

Nick Faessler of the Prairie Bluff Chapter of the Prairie Enthusiasts has designed a clever shovel for digging wild parsnip, sweet clover, or any other herbaceous weed. These are sold by the Prairie Enthusiasts at a nominal cost, and are well worth it.

The interns at Pleasant Valley Conservancy each has been issued a predator, courtesy of Madison Audubon, and they are making great use of them now.

Faessler buys small shovels and cuts down the blade so that it has a sharp narrow cutting edge. He also turns the "D" handle 90 degrees to make the shovel easier to handle. You could make your own if you are handy with tools (an angle grinder will take care of the cutting), but the Prairie Enthusiasts sells these as a fund raiser.

We own 6 of these at Pleasant Valley Conservancy, and make a lot of use of them. Some of our volunteers even own their own.


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