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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Exploring the wetland at Pleasant Valley Conservancy

The wetland at Pleasant Valley Conservancy is small but diverse, and a lot of it can be reached with (relatively) dry feet. As part of some management activities, Craig Annen of Integrated Restorations has put together a map showing the wetland communities. I have added trails (in red) in the version shown here.

The most widely used wetland trail at PVC is the one that is between the two prairie buffers and the sedge meadow. This trail is almost always dry, and Kathie's mowing keeps it open. (The butterfly people love it!) It also connects to the boardwalk which also provides dry-foot access for a short distance through standing water. The rest of the trail on the other side of the sedge meadow is more of a challenge,  especially in 2019 because of the heavy rains.

The detailed description of the wetland flora can be found at this link to the PVC website. The point of the blog post is to publish this new summary map.